Pamlico Sound Waterfowl

I’m Captain Aaron and I don’t stop when winter comes around. I move from fishing captain straight to your duck hunting guide.

We specialize in world class waterfowl hunts off North Carolina‚Äôs famed Outer Banks in the Pamlico Sound and along Cape Hatteras. The hunting opportunities are unique to this special area on North Carolina. We focus on pole blind hunts and providing you the opportunity for a successful Outer Banks duck hunting. You’ll find prized redheads, pintails, and brant. Some of the best hunting for pintails and brants, in North Carolina, is here on the Outer Banks out of Hatteras.

We work in these waters year-round, either fishing or hunting, and have the knowledge of where to be for your duck hunt.

There are lot of species of ducks and geese that winter here. You will have the opportunity to bag Pintails, Brants, Redheads, Bluebills, Black Ducks, Scoters, Eiders, Buffleheads, Canadian Geese, Canvasbacks, and Widgeons. That’s a whole lot of waterfowl in one place.

Redheads | Pamlico Sound | Outer Banks | Waterfowl

December – January

I start hunting trips in December through the end of the season in January. The hunts are pole blind hunts on the Pamlico Sound, guided by myself or one of the guides that work with me. You also have the option to be limited to your hunting party.

Our hunting time in Hatteras is a Gentlemen’s Hunt. From shooting time until noon.

Cold and windy weather improves the opportunities for bringing the duck and waterfowl to the water. In all cases, for hunter safety, a minimum of two hunters is required with a maximum of six hunters per blind. Well behaved hunting dogs are welcome too, but must not interfere with the hunt.

We access the blinds using a 24 foot Carolina skiff.

Duck Hunting Boat | Outer Banks Duck Hunting

I have many pole blinds located over a 30 mile area to use depending on where the ducks are. The blinds are 100% dog friendly with decks and ladders to access them.

Waterfowl Pamlico Sound | Outer Banks

Many of my customers have experienced an all new high hunting here. It is a unique area to hunt waterfowl.

Hunting waterfowl along the Outer Banks, off Cape Hatteras, is unique compared to other similar hunts you have experienced or been on. You will have an exceptional time on your hunt.

I’m inviting you to come down to hunt here, regardless if it’s your first hunt or a subsequent hunt on the Outer Banks and Pamlico Sound.

Pamlico Sound | Outer Banks

Below is a picture of hunter Hicks, who is one of the guides. You will experience the same professional guided hunt with me or any of my guides.

Hunter Hicks | Pamlico Sound | Outer Banks


You will need to have chest waders, temperature/condition appropriate clothing, shotgun and using non-toxic ammo, full license and privileges per NCWRC.

We will provide decoys, access to the blinds, and a guide if requested.


Rates for a pole blind hunt are $250/person

We can provide you a guided hunt for an additional $100. Please be courteous and provide an appropriate tip to the guide.

A booking will be refunded if requested 14-days in advance.

Book Your Hunt

In an effort to simplify reserving your hunt, we are moving to use an online reservation system that will be here shortly. Until then, please reach out to Captain Aaron at 252-305-3175.

Duck Hunting Outer Banks | Pamlico Sound

Sink boxes

If you are interested in sink box hunts, please reach out to Captain Tim at T&A Guide Service.